Get ready to turn heads with a revolutionary new hairdryer the likes of which you've never seen before! Talk about space age design, the new Spin Curl from Remington does exactly what it says it spins your hair into fabulous tousled curls as it dries it to send you curl crazy. Now it's super speedy and super easy to get ultra natural looking waves and you don't have to worry about styling or tongs. How does it work? Seeing is believing! Hair is simply placed into the innovative spin curl funnel attachment. When the dryer is switched on, the rotating air current gently twirl-dries hair, creating gorgeously loose ringlets, that you can lightly tease out for the ultimate tousled look. It's great for the beach-babe, boho-beauty and festival rock-chic looks, or if you simply want to try experiment with something a little bit different. 2 in 1 The new Spin Curl also comes with a separate concentrator nozzle attachment for straighter, smoother looks. Its 1800 Watt motor makes it powerful stuff, and with a choice of 3 heat & 2 speed settings, plus a cool shot to set your style, what more could you ask for? Well, a removable grille for easy cleaning, a hang up loop, a 2.5m salon cord make it even better. A 3 year manufacturer's guarantee makes it best. Produces loose soft curls and touseled waves while drying - Ceramic-Ionic grille for even heat distribution and reduced frizz - 3 heat / 2 speed setting plus cool shot to set styles - Lightweight and easy to use, 3 year manufacturer's guarantee - 1800W dryer can be used with Spin Curl attachment or concentrator nozzle

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Price: £29.95
Delivery Time: 1-2 working day

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