1. For a super sleek full fringe blow-dry this part first with the rest of the hair tied back out of the way. Taking a rounded brush sweep the hair from side to side whilst blowing the hairdryer through it. This avoids those irritating, unwanted gaps. If neccessary, run hair straighteners through the fringe.

2. To re-create Bella's cutsey curls, apply plenty of mousse to wet hair and scrunch it up from tip to root before blow-drying. Once dry, use a heated tong to curl the length of the hair or alternatively, use a straightener to twist strands of hair if you don’t have curling tongs. Hold the tong or straightener depending on the tightness of the the curl you wish to achieve- the longer you hold it, the tighter the curl.

3. Backcomb the ends of the hair slightly to give it a rougher edge and apply plenty of hairspray, especially to the curls.

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